Senin, 01 Agustus 2016

Get Private Jet Plane Experience

The private jet plane experience includes access to the vip lounge featuring a private show aerobatics performance from eagle ranger team, dinner bonus and access to a vip bar! The first pre-sale is sunday april in the LAX airport. Get ready, travellers!  Jordi's somewhere on a flying tour just got even cheaper!

The private jet plane experience includes all of this for $18000 and 5% discount for first weeks registration. Ten premium reserved ticket in the first class rows or five ticket in the general lounge

Membership of private jet plane costs $25000 per year which covers two family members. There is no bonus. Membership runs from new years 1st to next year. New pilots joining after the may 1st will receive 30% discount. In addition to a flight club membership, an aerobatics membership is required and mandatory to fly at our field. skilled pilot membership (30 and over) currently costs $58000 per year, which includes three additional vip jet plane. Youth pilot membership is free for first flight with no insurance coverage.

Get all the private jet plane experience Experience details here.

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